The revolutionary product for smartphone
and tablet



Sospendo is a “hands free” support for smartphones and tablets up to 10” that can be used with any surface or worn.


Because it’s an extraordinary object created to make your digital and interactive life more convenient.

What does SOSPENDO mean?

It means feeling liberated, hooking your smartphone or your tablet to anything able to stand in for your hands.

SOSPENDO on stage 

Read and relax

How great to read or play with your own tablet knowing that someone can support it for you!

For your hobby

Sospendo is able to adapt to absolutely every place, situation or environment.


So, when you’re with friends are you going to set it aside? Of course not! Have you ever thought of organizing a “Sospendo Party“?

In the kitchen

At last you can fine-tune your favorite dessert without the risk of your device falling into the cream…

For your tutorial

You can finally learn to apply your makeup properly, and with two hands, by taking advantage of a live lesson!

In the car

What satisfaction when you’re able to recommend a “five star” hotel to your partner by browsing the web with minimal effort…

In bed

Just think … your boyfriend can sit comfortably for hours and hours of endless chat!

At work

Video calls, face time, Skype and more in every conceivable environment without having to ask anyone for a favor.


Read, read, read…  Sospendo supports your thirst for knowledge.

Direct streaming?

Perfect video?

Long, everlasting video calls?

All of your favorite series on Netflix?

Tread mill or exercise bike?

How do you use it?

Sospendo is a simple support, it’s composed of two main elements that are easy to use: a rig and a flexible tube.